30 April 2024

Infor positioned as leader in iPaaS 2024 Nucleus Value Matrix

Nucleus Research says: 

"In 2024, organizations continued to adopt digital systems at an accelerated rate, extending the size and complexity of enterprise technology stacks. As a result, Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions have become a core enabling technology, providing organizations with a centralized platform to connect applications, automate workflows, and monitor integration flows across disparate systems"  


"Infor is positioned as a leader in the 2024 iPaaS Technology Value Matrix. The vendor’s iPaaS offering is available a component of the Infor OS platform encompassing two key products: Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) and the ION API gateway. Through Infor ION, clients can integrate both Infor and non-Infor systems, supporting hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud strategies".

"Users can establish connections between applications and their corresponding business process events, automate data transfers across systems, monitor business exceptions, and activate workflows using an event-driven architecture. The ION API Gateway serves as a centralized hub for hosting Infor's RESTful APIs, enabling users to conveniently proxy and access third-party APIs. Additionally, the Infor OS Platform provides 'Big Data' management capabilities, facilitating data transformation across various formats and accommodates synchronous and asynchronous integration patterns. Furthermore, Infor OS integrates with Coleman AI, streamlining the training, retraining, and live assessment of machine learning models with intelligent automation tools, natural language processing capabilities, and machine learning functionalities tailored to diverse user roles".

"Over the past year, Infor has continued to deliver improvements to Infor OS and its iPaaS offering":

  • Infor launched Configuration Management functionality, enabling customers to copy resources from one of tenant to another and manage content across environments.
  • Infor launched a Kafka Connector, providing extended support for event streaming.This will be generally available in H2 2024.
  • Infor introduced Graph QL support in Backend as a Service.
  • Infor released an auditing and monitoring service, enabling users to extract audit log data for the purpose of archiving, monitoring, or troubleshooting.
  • Infor announced external user entity support via APIs.

The full report can be downloaded here

Note: Infor OS is part of the subscription of Infor Coloudsuite Industrial (Syteline)