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Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP is specifically designed for the manufacturing industry. Cloud based (multi tenant), multi site, complies to international financial and fiscal rules, easy to use, >5000 implementations worldwide.

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Tableau Business Intelligence

tableau business intelligence

Helping people see and understand their data is the focus of Tableau. Easy to use and easy to connect with multiple (different) data sources. Start analyzing and visualizing your data today!

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infor visual erp

Infor Visual is designed for discrete SMB manufacturing companies. Easy to use, easy to implement, >4000 implementations worldwide


Quartess is a Dutch IT company, founded in 2001 with a clear focus on the (discrete) manufacturing industry. We help our customers in realizing a better company performance with proven and recognized products from top software suppliers.

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  • Infor -as a gold channel partner- with Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP & Infor Visual ERP in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.
  • Tableau Software -as channel partner- with Tableau Business Intelligence in The Netherlands

For these products Quartess employs certified and experienced consultants who will work -together with you- on the implementation and best use of the products. The combination of our knowledge of your industry and niche together with our knowledge of the products makes us a valuable partner for your project. Experience Quartess, invite us and let us work together for your maximum company performance!

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Infor Cloudsuite Industrial multi tenant cloud voordelen
ERP in the cloud ‘multi tenant’ or ‘single tenant’ (cq hosting)? The use of software "in the cloud" has now really penetrated the market for business software applications. Not only for financial- and CRM software, but also for ERP software. In fact, nowadays it is even "a must" to be able to offer ERP software in this way. At Quartess we see that almost without exception our new clients want to start using Infor Cloudsuite Industrial in the "multi-tenant" cloud. Fortunately, our partner and supplier Infor Inc started to follow this path years ago, which means there is a lot of experience today.The choice for cloud has a number of well-known advantages:The software has a subscription license model instead of a one-time investment; No investment in own servers (hardware) and supporting operating software required; No more responsibility for the technical side of the ERP application;The application is accessible anywhere, using the internet and a web browser. Yet one cloud is not the other. And the benefits to be achieved are therefore not the same. Basically there are 2 different forms: "multi tenant" or "multi tenancy" and "single tenancy" or "hosting".What is "multi tenant"?Wikipedia describes "software multi tenancy" as: "a software architecture in which a single copy (instance) of the software runs on a server that serves different tenants. A tenant is a group of users who have common access, with specific rights to share the software instance"With a 'multi tenant' architecture, the ERP software application is designed to provide each tenant with a special section of the application, including data, configuration, management of the users, the individual functionality of the tenant and non-functional properties. This makes immediately clear why "multi tenant" sets strict requirements for the technical design of the software and that the architecture determines the possibility of being able to offer software in the "multi tenant" cloud at all.In all cases, the software runs in an external data center, equipped with all physical and software protections.The image shows an apartment building as a metaphor for "multi tenant": 1 building with shared facilities, but also each apartment with its own front door. What is happening in apartment A is not visible in apartment B or C.What is "single tenant"?In the case of "single tenancy" (hosting), the ERP software application is installed on 1 or more specific (possibly virtual) servers for 1 specific company. The servers are placed in an external data center instead of in an own local server room (the so-called "on-premise" installation). All facilities must be realized for this single company. In the image, "single tenancy" is similar to "the house"; all facilities are required, just like in the apartment building, but it is all specifically set up for "that single resident". Think of the central heating installation, the air treatment installation, etc.Advantages of "multi tenant"There are clear advantages for a "multi tenant" ERP system. These become particularly visible when we look at aspects such as costs, performance, the environment, safety and reliability.Hardware and energy usage - In a single tenant environment, a company's physical or virtual server must be individually equipped (processor power, memory, hard disk space, operating system, security) to deliver maximum performance. However, these performances are certainly not demanded all the time, in most cases hardly ever as research has shown. However, the energy consumption is relatively high even when the server is not used to the maximum. A multi-tenant environment serves multiple customers, allowing for "sharing & balancing" to be done. This leads to much more efficient use of the required hardware. As a result, considerably less energy consumption and therefore better for the environmentScalability -. As a company grows and the number of users increases, the specific server capacity must be expanded in a single tenant environment. With all the associated consequences in terms of costs, supporting software, security and, again, energy consumption. In a "multi tenant" environment, growth can be absorbed much more easily. If more server capacity is required, it will most likely be available in any case because "1 of the many neighbours" running on the same server will need slightly less capacity at that time. More efficient use of servers is the result, which translates into lower hardware costs and considerably lower energy consumption.Simple and fast upgrades - If there are thousands of companies working with as many separate ERP systems in single tenant environments, this means thousands of individual updates upgrades with a new software version. Reason why companies, even in a single tenant environment, are lagging behind with updates and use of new versions and possible issues are resolved less quickly. It is simply a huge amount of work. With many customers on a single, "multi-tenant" environment, this is a single upgrade, which is by definition carried out by the supplier and done regularly. In the case of Infor, for example 1x per month. Companies automatically have the most recent version of the software. Without being forced to use the latest functionality. Research from Aberdeen showed that companies which use a recent version of their business software, perform better compared to the ones working with old (er) versions. But safety is also at stake. Finally, a possible security issue can also be solved by means of an update.Back-ups, protection and redundancy - In a multi-tenant environment, all of this is centrally arranged so that it meets the highest requirements and certifications. For example, Infor works with Amazon Webservices (AWS) data centers that comply with ITAR and HIPAA standards. Data is continuously mirrored between 3 "availability zones" within 1 region, resulting in very high and guaranteed availability of the application. With a single-tenant, all of this needs to be set up, monitored and maintained for each individual company (.. the thousands of individual servers). "Multi tenant" thus offers higher reliability and availability.From the end user's point of view, these differences are not necessarily obvious in the day-to-day use of the ERP application. However, he / she will notice that the application remains up-to-date and therefore attractive to work with. For the 'millennium generation' this is an often mentioned and important aspect with regard to 'enjoyment at work'Disadvantage 'Multi tenant'? Having to work with the completely standard application without the possibility to optimize the solution for the specific processes of an organization is often mentioned as a disadvantage of 'multi tenant'. This drawback applies maybe to some ERP applications. However not to Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP. Due to Infor's 'industry focus', the application offers extensive functionality for the specific segment (niches in the manufacturing industry). Customizations are therefore less necessary. But at the same time, the very flexible development framework if desired. And all of this is retained with upgrades.Conclusion: "Multi tenant" is a requirement for modern ERPThere are clear advantages when an ERP application can be used "multi-tenant". When choosing a new ERP system, the technical suitability for "multi tenant" (the application architecture) should therefore be an important criterium. "Multi tenant" offers benefits for the client, for the cloud provider and for the environment. In addition, an application that does not have the correct architecture cannot be made suitable for "multi-tenant" easily or quickly. Also good to be aware of !Sources: Infor, Wikipedia, Salesforce, Quartess Read more
Quartess NBD Biblion Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP Syteline Easy Invoice
NBD Biblion opts for digitalisation with Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP NBD Biblion Foundation has entered into a partnership with Quartess for the implementation of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial as a new ERP solution. NBD Biblion is the independent, fully-fledged service and advisory partner for many parties in the library and book industry. The choice for Infor Cloudsuite Industrial is in line with the strategic choices of NBD Biblion, which features digitization, expansion of services and even more focus on its core tasks. Quartess is a Gold Channel Partner for the manufacturing industry of Infor, one of the largest suppliers of industry-specific cloud software.The challengeNBD Biblion will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020. It is now an organization with more than 150 employees operating from a modern building in Zoetermeer. They deliver more than 2 million books per year, as well as multimedia products, content and data services. Customers are therefore mainly libraries and schools. In addition, NBD Biblion builds special machines for binders and logistics service providers local and abroad. The internal automation is currently supported by home developed software, which no longer fits the ambitions.Mr. Raymond van Gent, Manager Operations NBD Biblion explains: “We no longer see the maintenance of the custom software nor its development as a task of NBD Biblion. Reason why we have started a project to realize a modern and future-proof IT support for the primary business processes. There are various underlying reasons, such as our ambition to accelerate market and customer-oriented work, increase our innovative power, make relevant management information easier and better available, standardization and automation of business processes and a reduction in the total cost of ownership. It was also clear to us that we were looking for a cloud-based ERP application ”The approachNBD Biblion has carefully prepared the selection and implementation. Mr Pieter Meijndert, Information Manager: “We have already set up a project organization internally that mapped out requirements and wishes. We paid a lot of attention to this so that it was clear what the most important criteria were. We then engaged an external consultancy firm to help us select 3 cloud-based ERP systems. Via extensive demos, additional conversations and the match with NBD Biblion, we opted for Infor Cloudsuite Industrial and Quartess. “The choicePieter Meijndert: “Quartess showed they are very well informed about the current and future possibilities of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial. They quickly saw through the match between our needs and the system. You only make a choice like this once every 15-20 years. This makes it a fundamental decision. We think the system will grow with the market standards, with our needs and we can therefore grow accordingly. The so-called Implementation Accelerators also played a role. These are standard and customizable process flows - part of the scope of delivery - that we apply for the processes at NBD Biblion in order to move towards a market standard and with which we expect to achieve faster results. And then there is the cultural fit between Quartess and NBD Bilbion; transparent, focused on collaboration and result-oriented. We think that Quartess will also be there for us when things get more difficult in the project and with their knowledge, experience and expertise they can ensure that we achieve a good result ”The futurePieter Meijndert: “We are convinced we will build a lasting relationship with Quartess and, above all, have a solution with Infor CSI that contributes to our goals, now and in the future. Together we'll go from realization to optimization, to innovation ”. Mr Jan Muller, Managing Director of Quartess adds: “NBD Biblion is a specialist organization because of its products and market. In essence, it is an organization with manufacturing activities. The strategic choices NBD Biblion has made are particularly well suited to the capabilities of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial. We are delighted they have chosen Infor Cloudsuite Industrial and are convinced with this multi-tenant cloud-based ERP platform, NBD Biblion is well pre-pared for the challenges of the future. As Quartess, we are looking forward to act as their partner in this.About NBD Biblion                                                NBD Bilbion Foundation provides a complete package of products and services that contribute to the success of your library or (school) media library. In this way NBD Biblion contributes with their products and services to an efficient and modern management of your library. NBD ensures you have a varied and up-to-date collection. In addition, NBD Biblion provides you with the materials and services you need to manage your library. NBD Biblion Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary on 7 November 2020! Purchasing, binding, describing, cataloging and preparing books for public libraries centrally for half a century. We have a rich history of which we are proud. With 150 employees, we are ready to serve you from our office in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands) in the coming years with an appropriate range of products and services.About QuartessSince 2002, Quartess has positioned itself as a supplier of business software specifically for the discrete manufacturing industry.We represent:• Infor -as Gold Channel Partner- with Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP & Infor Visual ERP in the         Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England.• Easy Systems with Easy Invoice for Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP & Infor Visual ERPThe Infor ERP solutions are specially designed for various sectors in the manufacturing industry, such as machine construction, high-tech electronics, aerospace & defense, automotive, metal, printing & packaging, medical, etc.For "our" products we have certified consultants who work with you to deal with the issues at hand. In doing so, we act on the basis of the core values "advice", "result", "creative", "reliable" and "cooperation". The combination of our knowledge of these products and of your industry makes us a valuable partner for your project.About InforInfor is a global leader in corporate, industry-specific cloud software. With more than 68,000 customers worldwide, Infor is changing the way businesses operate through best-in-class technology, expertise and customer focus. For more information, see customers are:• The top 20 aerospace companies• 9 of the top 10 high-tech companies• 14 of the 25 largest US health networks• 19 of the 20 largest US cities• 18 of the top 20 automotive suppliers• 14 of the top 20 industrial distributors• 13 of the top 20 global retailers• 4 of the top 5 breweries• 17 of the top 20 global banks• 9 of the 10 largest global hotel brands• 7 of the top 10 global luxury brands Read more