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Infor ERP LN

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP is specifically designed for the manufacturing industry. Cloud based (multi tenant), multi site, complies to international financial and fiscal rules, easy to use, >5000 implementations worldwide.

tableau bi software

Tableau Business Intelligence

tableau business intelligence

Helping people see and understand their data is the focus of Tableau. Easy to use and easy to connect with multiple (different) data sources. Start analyzing and visualizing your data today!

infor erp software

Infor Visual ERP

infor visual erp

Infor Visual is designed for discrete SMB manufacturing companies. Easy to use, easy to implement, >4000 implementations worldwide


Quartess is a Dutch IT company, founded in 2001 with a clear focus on the (discrete) manufacturing industry. We help our customers in realizing a better company performance with proven and recognized products from top software suppliers.

We represent:

  • Infor -as a gold channel partner- with Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP & Infor Visual ERP in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.
  • Tableau Software -as channel partner- with Tableau Business Intelligence in The Netherlands

For these products Quartess employs certified and experienced consultants who will work -together with you- on the implementation and best use of the products. The combination of our knowledge of your industry and niche together with our knowledge of the products makes us a valuable partner for your project. Experience Quartess, invite us and let us work together for your maximum company performance!

We represent:
Leading manufacturing companies put their trust in Quartess:
The advantages for Infor being privately owned by KOCH Industries A very informative read in ERP Today about Infor -the company Quartess partners with for Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) and Infor Visual- about the advantages of being privately owned by Koch Industries.Are you evaluating (Infor)ERP or are you an existing Infor customer? Is continuity, stability and investment in development important in your decision? This is a must read.Also published on the Quartess Linkedin page  Read more
AI & Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) real life example Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) -designed for the manufacturing industry- is deployed in the multi tenant AWS cloud. One of the important standard components of the suite is Infor Operating System (Infor OS). Infor OS brings a lot of functionality, like connectivity, workflow, chat, etc. Probably most important are the Artificial Intelligence capablities of Infor OS, because this really helps users of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) to increase for instance productivity, sales and customer satisfaction. A recent publication in diginomica tells about the success of Combilift, a manufacturing company using AI to deliver better results. Great example of what modern automation can bring. Interested? Feel welcome to contact us about what Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) can bring for your manufacturing company. Also published on the Quartess Linkedin company page. Read more