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Ontdek wat Quartess en onze software voor u kan betekenen!


Infor Cloudsuite Industrial

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP is specifiek ontwikkeld voor de maakindustrie. Cloudgebaseerd (multi tenant), multi site, voldoet aan internationale regelgeving, gebruiksvriendelijk, >5000 opdrachtgevers.


Tableau Business Intelligence

See and understand your data is het credo van Tableau. Snel en gemakkelijk koppelen met (verschillende) databronnen en aan de slag om data te bewerken en visualiseren!


Infor Visual ERP

Infor Visual is speciaal ontwikkeld voor discrete MKB productie bedrijven. Gebruiksvriendelijk, snel te implementeren, >4000 implementaties


Quartess is een Nederlandse IT onderneming, opgericht in 2001 met een duidelijke focus op de maakindustrie. Wij helpen onze klanten beter te presteren met bewezen en erkende producten (ERP & Business Intelligence ) van topleveranciers. 

Wij vertegenwoordigen:

  • Infor -als gold channel partner Benelux & UK - met Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP & Infor Visual ERP
  • Tableau Software -als channel partner- met Tableau Business Intelligence

Voor deze producten beschikken wij over gecertificeerde consultants die samen met u de voorliggende vraagstukken behandelen. De combinatie van onze kennis van uw branche en deze producten maakt ons een waardevolle partner voor uw project. Ervaar Quartess, nodig ons uit en haal samen met ons het maximale resultaat uit uw bedrijf!

Wij vertegenwoordigen:
Toonaangevende bedrijven in de maakindustrie vertrouwen op Quartess
Industry 4.0: Separating hype from true innovation While definitions for Industry 4.0 are numerous, it’s essentially: “The marriage of physical and digital technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This marriage of the physical with the digital allows for the creation of a digital enterprise that is not only interconnected, but also capable of more holistic, informed decision making,” according to Deloitte. Data collected from the physical world (like machinery) is used to generate insights, which are then reapplied to the physical world. Deloitte says, “These feedback loops generate abundant opportunities for new products and services, better ways to serve customers, new types of jobs and wholly new business models.”The magnitude of changeIs it possible to separate the hype from reality and obtain a true picture of the magnitude of change that has already hit manufacturing and what is yet to come? No. Hype and reality are tightly intertwined. Hyperbole and optimism have combined and evolved into to a new generation of stories that elicit amazement and envy. We’re bombarded with articles describing manufacturing plants performing near-miraculous feats: Robots think, machines communicate, cameras fly, inventory is never out of stock, and orders are always on time; a customer can imagine a product, and in the blink of an eye, the product is produced and delivered.And yet, this isn’t even smoke-and-mirrors or fanciful dreams. For some, these are already realities. Considering science and technologies that already exist, as well as the results of early adopters, experts who live and breathe innovation are projecting that this level of change will certainly get much bigger.In fact, the analysts at Capgemini predict that smart factories could add from 0 billion to .5 trillion in value to the global economy in the next five years.Prognosticating beyond that, however, proves challenging. The subject matter is moving at an alarming rate of change, making it difficult to definitively quantify results. Even timely surveys, like the ones referenced in this paper, might already be outdated by the time their statistics are published—as more factories deploy IoT projects and boost profits.While manufacturers must learn to live with a degree of ambiguity as to what exactly the future has in store, the simple truth is that technology as a driving force in manufacturing is not going away any time soon. We don’t even have consensus as to what we call this “new technology” that’s changing the way we design, make, and deliver products to customers. The German government coined the phrase, “Industry 4.0” as a nod to the “fourth industrial revolution.” Industry 4.0 originally encompassed machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and connected devices. The equipment industry used to call this telematics.Then the sensor market exploded and the IoT was the next big thing. Soon, the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) came about as result of the need to distinguish industrial applications from more consumer-oriented applications. The UK prefers the term “4IR,” for fourth industrial revolution. There are also smart factories and smart products, as well as smart Millennials who insist on highly intuitive software that behaves like their smart phones.No matter what you want to call this wave of disruptive technology, it’s real and about to drastically change your factory—if it hasn’t already. Now is the time to ramp up technology investments in order to keep pace, seize unfolding opportunities, and enjoy the benefits of Industry 4.0.NOTE: Earlier published on www.infor.com May 17th 2018 Lees meer
Smart Customization & the need for Infor CPQ Smart Customization helps manufacturing companies for parts of their business to move from EtO to CtO. Customers demand unique products, with CtO you'll have less risk, less costs and shorter lead times. A configurator like Infor CPQ that integrates seamlessly with ERP (like Infor CSI) & CAD is a prerequisite for CtO. See below for a customer story, originally posted on http://blogs.infor.comHow Infor CPQ opens a window to a better customer experience for Milgard Windows & DoorsMilgard Windows & Doors is an excellent example of how an advanced configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution can do much more than help sales personnel configure orders; it can also drive fundamental transformations in how a company does business.During a recent webinar, Milgard Windows & Doors CIO, Vinod Nair, discussed what the company was looking for in a next-generation CPQ solution and how Infor CPQ delivered capabilities that created a smoother, more intuitive, and productive experience for dealers, customers, and the company’s own sales personnel.Tacoma-based Milgard Windows & Doors offers a full line of vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum windows and patio doors for builders, dealers, and homeowners. The company has approximately 3,800 dealer locations nationwide, and needed a CPQ tool that would scale to accommodate growth and provide a smoother overall user experience with a faster, more accurate quoting process.Their primary requirement for a CPQ tool was to deploy a solution that made it easier for dealers and customers to do business with the company. Its legacy PC-based CPQ tool was often the barrier to a smooth business engagement. Because it wasn’t integrated with the back-end ERP systems that managed window production, this tool would often create mismatches with the pricing generated by the ERP systems. Dealers could create an order, but too often that order would conflict with the ERP system of record.The tool also created other glitches in the customer experience as well. In many cases, a dealer would begin a quote and find that an order quickly increased in complexity — requiring them to contact a Milgard Windows & Doors salesperson to complete the process. However, the dealers couldn’t share the partially completed order with the salesperson, who had to start the process again from scratch.The lack of integration also complicated new product introductions. When new products came to market, the company had to update all versions of the standalone quoting tool and its back-end systems. This posed an ongoing challenge for IT to keep the two systems in sync.With the launch of Infor CPQ, Milgard Windows & Doors paved the way to a smoother experience for dealers, customers, and their own sales team. Because Infor CPQ integrates with their ERP systems, the company has a seamless quoting and ordering process with no discrepancies between what dealers and customers see and the pricing and production cycles managed by the ERP systems. The generated quote automatically triggers the appropriate bills of material and routings required to fulfill the order. Also, the sales team can log in on behalf of the dealer and customer to collaborate on a partially completed order, rather than starting from scratch. Dealers, end customers, and the sales team all get a single, consistent experience. Where it used to take months to train a new user on the legacy CPQ system, users can now get up to speed within a much shorter timeframe. The solution also provides a 2D visualization of the final product, which helps eliminate any surprises and addresses potential design issues prior to production.The CPQ and ERP integration also reduces IT’s ongoing administrative workload. With one solution to maintain and manage, IT has a more streamlined way to execute system upgrades and new product launches. The solution is also highly scalable, allowing IT to on-board new dealers and locations much more efficiently. In addition to having happier, more productive users, the company is also ready for a more mobile future. With Infor CPQ, the company is positioned to support mobile users who want to gather and input requirements onsite with the customer and generate a quote immediately.The work Milgard Windows & Doors did prior to deployment is one of the reasons that its Infor CPQ solution has had such a meaningful impact on its business. The company invested a lot of time and effort working with dealers to understand what they needed in a quoting solution. The team gathered requirements, proposed designs, and incorporated dealer feedback into its final deployment to ensure that users would have the smooth, seamless customer experience that would help differentiate Milgard Windows & Doors from its competitors. As Nair puts it: “Infor CPQ was easy to use, intuitive, and accurate, which met our goal to make the buying experience as stress-free as possible for our dealers and their customers. The Infor solution also supports a more efficient and effective sales process, which is helping open us up to new opportunities and partnerships.” Lees meer