Industries & Niches

The manufacturing industry covers a large number of niches. Each niche does have its own characteristics. Therefore, applied business software like ERP should cover much as possible the specific needs, characteristic for a niche. Infor ERP applications include so called 'last mile' functionality for specific niches, therefore avoiding the need for custom coding. Your advantage: an easier and faster implementation! Are you located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or the UK? Quartess is your partner. Is your niche not mentioned below, also then please contact us, as we still might be able to help you. 

Metal Industry

Thin margins are forcing metal fabricators to reduce costs and control waste. Infor solutions help you meet these goals, plus achieve greater efficiency and visibility throughout your organization.


  • Collaborate with partners, customers, and colleagues with ease.
  • Manage the complete supply chain and better control inventory levels.
  • Streamline MTO processes to ensure as-promised delivery to customers.

Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Effectively manage complex value chains, fast-paced program launches, and MRO service operations with Infor® solutions for industrial machinery and equipment (IM&E) manufacturers.


  • Manage complex supply chain processes.
  • Gain control over engineering change management.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and customer demands.
  • Design and build more innovative products.
  • Streamline new product design, innovation, and introduction.
  • Shorten cycle times.
  • Improve service management and create new business opportunities.
  • Take advantage of support for multiple manufacturing modes, including ATO, MTO, CTO, ETO, MTS, and JIT.

High Tech Electronics

Control costs and maintain a collaborative environment for both customers and suppliers with Infor solutions for high tech and electronics. With our industry-specific capabilities, you can manage products from concept to implementation with tools that can handle the complexities of mass customization and new product introductions through to aftermarket service and warranties.


  • RoHS, WEEE, Clean Water Act
  • Inventory management and visibility across the entire supply chain
  • Integrated quality management
  • Product genealogy
  • Multiple manufacturing part numbers
  • Alternate part/BOM/routing
  • Use-up inventory
  • Collaborative design and engineering
  • Hybrid manufacturing
  • Outside operations management
  • Landed costing

Aerospace & Defence

Sustain competitive differentiation in the face of increasing complexity and costs with Infor's solutions built specifically for aerospace contractors. With a single, fully integrated solution, you can optimize operations, improve finance, reduce work in process inventory, and improve quality.


  • Unit effectivity
  • Line assembly control
  • Sales schedules
  • Purchase schedules
  • Supplier staged payments
  • Use-up effectivity
  • Non-conforming material management
  • As-built BOMs
  • Serial number control

Automotive suppliers

Give your engineering, product development, and production teams the flexibility and agility they need to keep up with shorter lifecycles and increasing complexity. In addition, you'll be able to improve your manufacturing process to more easily launch new programs, meet OEM PPAP and APQP requirements, and control costs.


  • Quoting/launch
  • Program/project
  • Multi-logistics planning
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Kanban/repetitive
  • Quality management
  • Automotive EDI trading partners
  • NPDI
  • Engineering change management
  • Compliance

Printing & Packaging

Optimize process like collating, drilling, laminating, and coating with Infor solutions tailored-made for the printing, publishing, and packaging industry. From analyzing the costs of paper dimensions, ink, and consumables to optimizing equipment usage, Infor is committed to meeting your unique industry needs.


  • Track the use of resources for detailed analysis of costs and more accurate quoting.
  • Manage and schedule the use of equipment, such as presses, to eliminate idle machines.
  • Optimize processes and material usage.

Plastics Industry

Plastic fabrication requires attention to detail beyond the basics. Issues like availability of raw resources and asset utilization are critical to providing customers with orders on-time and as-promised. Infor helps you manage these issues, plus the quoting, scheduling, inventory management, and shipping of fabricated products and components.


  • Obtain complete visibility into processes throughout your plant.
  • Understand your costs, so you can provide customers with accurate project quotes.
  • Track customer orders through production cycles, so you can provide accurate updates on status.

Medical Devices

Manufacturers of medical devices face unique challenges concerning quality control, regulatory compliance, and reporting mandates. Infor solutions, purpose built for the industry, help you manage these critical issues, plus monitor your complete supply chain and collaborate with engineering partners and high tech fabricators worldwide.


  • Gain capabilities for lot/serial traceability, electronic signatures, device history record (DHR), device master record (DMR).
  • Benefit from Quality Management that GMP standards and can manage CAPA processes.
  • Take advantage of Operational Validation Scripts, including Technical Installation Validation (TIV) and Operation and Process Qualifications (OPQ).

Furniture & Fixtures

Customer demands for product customizations are driving manufacturers of furniture and fixtures to leverage MTO and ETO processes, as well as product configuration and guided selling. Infor solutions help you manage these challenges with ease and efficiency—helping you increase profit margins and customer loyalty.


  • Manage ETO, MTO, and highly configured products with greater ease.
  • Track product work cycles throughout the operation with complete visibility.
  • Analyze costs and labor to better understand obstacles to profits and provide customers with more accurate quoting.
  • Track trends and formulate predictions for inventory requirements.