12 September 2018

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial version 10: going for standard!

Later this year, Infor will release the new version 10 of Infor Cloudsuite Industial (fka Syteline) . Packed with lots of new functionality, as always with a new release,  there will be communications and detailed overviews  as soon as  this version is generally available for new and existing users. 

More in general, it is clear that Infor is practicing their credo ‘last mile functionality’, meaning specific functionality for niches and/or countries is built into the standard. This is important for two different reasons: 

First, Infor Cloudsuite Industrial  is a product available as a multi tenant cloud offering and in this ‘set up’ , real customization (changing source code) is just not possible. Therefore the standard functionality of CSI needs to be ‘a fit’ for most targeted industries and countries. The big advantage of course, the user is not locked into a specific  version and can make use of new features and functions immediately when they are available without having to go through the burden of upgrading. And this pays of: investigations show companies on latest releases perform better.

Second, the more ‘last mile functionality’ is built into the product (now even several localization components are brought into the standard product), the more easy implementations can be realized (compared to risky and costly customization's) and the better the product is usable in an international setting. 

So, when you are currently a user of Syteline, it is certainly worthwhile to investigate how the new standard product can support your business. With or without the aim to go to the cloud, because although the cloud is becoming ‘the new normal’, there is no necessity from a product standpoint of view to do so. 

Quartess can assist you with such ‘back to standard’ projects; currently we are bringing a Syteline user to the multi tenant cloud with the latest Infor Cloudsuite Industrial version  in a multi country setting.  Please contact us if you want to know more about Infor Cloudsuite Industrial, about Quartess or about a migration to the cloud with Infor Cloudsuite Industrial.