1 February 2020

Event | Infor Inspire Londen March 3rd 2020

Your company most probably is using an ERP system. Do you remember the last upgrade project your company realized? The start was maybe postponed? And when eventually the project was started, it appeared again to be more difficult, took more time than anticipated and became more costly?

Probably you recognize this as well: You need functionality your ERP system does not provide in the standard. A separate other system needs to solve the problem. And when you found such a system, there was the interfacing task. No issue according to the supplier until it had to be realized…. 

Or you acquired a company and wanted to incorporate this new entity in your ERP system. Which then appeared to be more difficult than expected and localization was not available.

Be sure, in today’s era this really can be different! Be invited to Infor Inspire on March 3rd 2020 in London to hear how Infor CloudSuite applications can change your company. Infor and Infor customers will tell you how. 

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Quartess – as an Infor gold channel partner for the manufacturing industry in the Benelux and Germany- provides ao Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP. Developed for the manufacturing industry, broad and deep last mile functionality, made available in the multi-tenant cloud. And with this you are no longer responsible for updates, upgrades, back-ups, redundancy etc. You can focus on your companies goals, Infor and her partners on what we are good at: ERP systems.

We look forward to seeing you in London March 3rd!