tableau bi software

Tableau Business Intelligence

  • See and understand your data!
  • Simple to connect with multiple data sources
  • Easy to use, both for IT and for the end-user
  • Powerful data visualization capabilities
  • For the individual user, SMB companies and Enterprises
  • Highly valued by industry analysts
  • >100.000 companies worldwide use Tableau
  • Subscription model, pay per month per user
Description Tableau Business Intelligence

The Tableau Business Intelligence platform is designed for organizations and people working with data. Everywhere, across all industries and departments, from global enterprises to non-profits, Tableau can be used to empower people with data. 

It is all about the challenge of today's businesses: Lot's of data is generated, but how can this be turned into understandable information. Data preparation and visualization is the crucial aspect. And that's exactly where Tableau comes into play.

  • Very easy to use business intelligence platform with exceptional visualization capabilities;
  • Delivered 'out of the box' with > 60 data source connectors (SQL Server, Excel, Hadoop, SAP Hana, Salesforce etc) ;
  • Extensive capabilities for 'enterprise ready' authorization of user profiles;
  • Build-in social collaboration functionality for cooperative designing of dashboards;
  • Fast, as a result of the revolutionary 'Hyper V' in memory techniques;
  • Scalable and flexible; from one to thousands of users;
  • No software investments, subscription model, pay per user per month;
  • Both on-premise (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server) as in the cloud (Tableau online) available;

Working with the Tableau Business Intelligence platform means working with the most modern and advanced BI product available, positioned high in the Gartner's leaders quadrant for many years already. 

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Industries Tableau Business Intelligence

The Tableau business intelligence platform can be used in every industry and business where data is available and needs to be worked on. Whether you are in the industry, (local) government, health care, public service, education etc, every organisation -big or small- wanting to professionalize decision making by using data will benefit from using Tableau. References are therefore available in many industries and branches. Just ask us!

Product types Tableau Business Intelligence

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop business analyse tool

Tableau Desktop is the business analyses tool for everyone. Connect to the datasource(s) with a few mouse clicks and the data is already view able in Tableau. Use the intuitive  'drag and drop' user interface to analyse the data and to build interactive dashboards. 

Tableau Server

Tableau Server

Now you want to share your dashboards with colleagues, suppliers or customers. Again with a few mouse clicks you can publish the dashboards to Tableau Server. Authorized users can now view and interact with your dashboards in a web browser. Size is adjusted to the size of the device (PC monitor, tablet etc). Do you prefer to work in the cloud? Then Tableau online is your choice.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online software

With Tableau online, your dashboards are published to a secure cloud environment in the Tableau data center. Users have access everywhere via their web browser on tablet/phone or PC/laptop

Tableau Prep

With Tableau Prep you can connect to and combine data from multipe different data sources. With this easy to use tool you can work on the data and make them ready for presentation with Tableau Desktop. Inclusive standard connectors to many data sources, on premise or in the cloud.